Meeting held on 12-14 April 2011

Scope, Topics and Scientific Themes

Met & Props 2011 focussed on the progress in surface metrology, surface characterisation instrumentation and properties of engineering surfaces. The conference aimed to provide an international forum for academics, industrialists and engineers from different disciplines to meet and exchange their ideas, results and latest research. This was the thirteenth in the very successful series of conferences, which have firmly established surface topography as a new and exciting interdisciplinary field of scientific and technological studies.

Scientific Themes:

  • Surface, Micro and Nano Metrology
  • Measurement and Instrumentation
  • Metrology for MST Devices
  • Freeform Surface Measurement and Characterisation
  • Uncertainty, Traceability and Calibration
  • AFM/SPM Metrology
  • Tribology and Wear Phenomena
  • Functional Applications
  • Stylus and Optical Instruments