NMAET IV                                         9-10 November 2010 - NPL, Teddington



NMAET IV Past Conferences:
Nano-Molecular Analysis for Emerging Technologies IV

Tuesday 9 & Wednesday 10 November 2010 - NPL, Teddington

Surfaces and interfaces are critically important to products and devices in healthcare and personal care including drug delivery, diagnostics, regenerative medicine, medical devices, self-assembly, anti-microbial surfaces, cosmetics, hair care and detergents. These complex systems present their own challenges for analysis and characterisation.

This meeting focused on both the frontier science in these novel systems as well as recent advances in analytical techniques to characterise them, including XPS, SIMS, AFM, SPM, SPR, near field optical methods, optical trapping, ambient mass spectrometries and MALDI.

An exhibition and poster session gave attendees the chance to discuss the latest advances and research and a conference dinner was held after the first day.

On 11 November, there was a Measurement Open Day. NPL experts were available to discuss delegates' measurement needs and provided advice for Surface Chemical Analysis. Tours of the laboratory and technique demonstrations were also held.

Download agenda for both days Adobe Acrobat PDF document

Organising Committees

Scientific Organising Committee:

  • Dr Mark Nicholas, AZ, Sweden
  • Dr Paul Gunning, Smith and Nephew, UK
  • Prof Graham Leggett, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Dr Ian Fletcher, Intertek, UK
  • Dr Sonia Contera, University of Oxford, UK
  • Dr Charlie Parkinson, GSK, UK
  • Dr Wolfgang Unger, BAM, Germany
  • Dr Morgan Alexander, University of Nottingham, UK
  • Prof Peter Doyle, Unilever, UK
  • Dr Patrick Gunning, Institute of Food Research, UK
  • Prof Jason Crain, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Dr Geoff Smith, Illumina, UK
  • Prof John Vickerman, University of Manchester, UK

Local Organising Committee

  • Tara Salter
  • Charles Clifford
  • Felicia Green
  • Alex Shard
  • Santanu Ray
  • Adrian Horgan
  • Paul Tomlins

Manufacturer Exhibition