NMAET VI & SSBII 15                   25-27 November 2014 - NPL, Teddington

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Nano-Molecular Analysis for Emerging Technologies VI - Surface Science of Biologically Important Interfaces 15

Tuesday 25 to Thursday 27 November 2014 - NPL, Teddington

Frontiers in Biomolecular Surface Measurement

Identifying and measuring biomolecules at surfaces is of major importance in many areas, for example: environmental science, cosmetics and the advancement of medical diagnosis and treatments. Each measurement technique provides a partial view of the complex nature and behaviour of biomolecules at the interfaces of medical devices, polymers and biological tissue. This meeting is focused upon developments and advances in the identification, quantification and high resolution imaging of molecules on all types of surfaces.

This meeting will combine two days of NMAET/SSBII on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 November 2014, with excellent invited speakers; along with a third day on Thursday 27 November, comprising a BMSS ambient mass spectrometry special interest group meeting. Participants will be able to register for all three days, or just for the final BMSS special interest group day.

Invited Speakers for NMAET/SSBII (25 & 26 November)

  • Sabine Guenther (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen, Germany)
    Towards on-site screening of food and consumer goods using a portable mass spectrometer

  • Ralph Richter (Centre for Cooperative Research in Biomaterials, San Sebastian, Spain)
    Detailed and quantitative physico-chemical analysis of soft and hydrated surface-confined biomolecular films

  • Arnaud Delcorte (UCL Louvain, Belgium)
    Fundamentals of sputtering by massive projectiles: Argon, organic and water clusters

  • Morgan Alexander (University of Nottingham, UK)
    ToF SIMS as a navigation aid through the complex world of high throughput materials discovery

  • Isabelle Fournier (University Lille 1, France)

  • Sarah Trimpin (Wayne State University, USA)
    Novel Ionization Process for Imaging by Mass Spectrometry

  • Rainer Cramer (University of Reading, UK)
    MALDI MSI - beyond rodent tissue imaging

  • Professor Helen Cooper (University of Birmingham, UK)
    Combining ion mobility spectrometry and liquid extraction surface analysis for the interrogation of biological substrates

Call for Papers

Oral and poster contributions are invited on all aspects related to the meeting. Abstracts should be submitted in this format and emailed to Josephine Bunch with 'NMAET/SSBBII abstract' as the subject.

Deadline for submission: 6 October 2014

Exhibition & Sponsorship

Spaces are available for an exhibition of scientific equipment throughout the duration of the meeting. Please email events@npl.co.uk if you wish to exhibit.


Participants are able to register for all three days, or just for the final BMSS special interest group day:

Registration is now open


If you have any queries or require further information about this event, please email Charles Clifford (technical queries) or events@npl.co.uk (registration/admin queries).